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Cabin Addition

This vintage 1860’s log cabin located on a private game reserve served as the main lodge for hunters to gather at the end of the day to relax and tell old stories.  The owner wished to add guest quarters to provide new overnight accommodations but leave the original building undisturbed.  The log structure had a small kitchen/restroom area previously added that was sheathed in cedar siding and roofed with wood shakes.  During the initial design meeting the owner stressed the new addition should match the existing structures’ style and composition.

Drawing upon precedents set by the Appalachian settlers of the 1860’s, the new addition was developed along the lines of a simple Dog-trot cabin.  This style of structure incorporates two basic cabins connected by a single roof creating a covered porch between the living and sleeping quarters.  The resulting arrangement provides the owner with complete control over client entrance to the sleeping quarters, kitchen/restroom area, and the main lodge room.  The exterior of the sleeping addition was covered with cedar siding akin to the earlier kitchen/restroom extension.  The new dog-trot porch was decked in aged wood to match the exiting wrap-around porch complete with exterior columns utilizing old hand-hewn timbers from a near-by barn that had been recently disassembled.  The final touch was removing the troublesome shake roofing and installing metal panels that once rusted, blend with the period materials enhancing the overall theme.

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