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Custom Kitchen Renovation

When a friend and realtor came to me with with a sales concern regarding a home with a “quirky” kitchen she asked that I provide some design sketches to show possible kitchen layouts within the existing house framing.  I wanted to remove as few walls as possible to reduce the financial impact on any new buyers yet show that a more functional kitchen was possible in the existing space.  In so doing the new layout provides for a lineal work area backed by a raised counter that serves as a family gathering place.  On the opposite side of the room standing height counters were added beneath wall cabinets.  A new opening was cut in the wall to provide a link between the kitchen and the interior hallway.  On the far end of the new kitchen where a second kitchen existed for a renter, a full laundry room was inserted without moving any existing walls.  By stacking a front loading washer and dryer room was made for tall cabinets to store items such as laundry detergent and the ironing board.  Flanking the tall cabinets with closet type space provides storage for hanging clothes.

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