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Custom Residential Addition

Dutch Colonial homes have the ability to bridge between the charm of an earlier era of tradition and the more modern times of stylish comfort.  Such was this home in Chattanooga.  The owner had just completed an extensive interior renovation and wanted to add more space but was concerned that an addition would detract from the original design.  During the initial meeting it was apparent they loved the older character of the house but required the space of a larger more contemporary nature.  Their desire was for an addition that looked as if it had been there all along.

By extending the second floor over the existing kitchen additional space was gained in the master suite on the second floor.  The exterior deck adjacent to the kitchen was a pleasant space but had no direct access.  Adding a door from the kitchen to the deck was a necessity.  Framing the kitchen door with columns and a small roof similar to the main entry recalls the original detailing without detracting from the overall composition.  To the east of the house a new garage door was added to enclose a carport created between an existing stone retaining wall and the original house.  The style of the door reflects the window glazing patterns from the house continuing a consistent theme throughout the building.  The addition of railing around the top of the carport recalls the character of the deck and softens the abrupt edge of the flat roof.

By paying close attention to the proportions and placement of trim details of the house any addition can be made to blend in such a way as to not overshadow the existing structure.


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