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Napkin Sketch Series

7th and market chattanooga napkin

The Napkin Sketch Series lunches is a monthly design charette held with business contacts seeking a casual atmosphere for discussing business development ideas.  Begun in January 2014, topics range from residential renovations,and commercial development to property analysis or even business graphics and websites. 

By it’s very nature Napkin Sketching is profoundly simple.  Taking a pen and drawing on a napkin during lunch can open up a dialogue of free thinking giving the participants the opportunity to explore ideas without commitment.   Since architects are visual thinkers and tend to talk in word pictures.  Being able to sketch during conversations helps to express the visual image to the listener.

Examples abound on the web, some even depicting business and financial management.  Architectural Record Magazine has even begun holding an annual napkin sketch contest, publishing the results in their September issue.

If it can be discussed, a sketch can probably make it easier to understand.

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