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Napkin Sketches – January 10, 2014

sketching the site

Napkin #1 represented a trucking company that was growing and needed to think about where to put new office space before departments became too spread out to be efficient.  The discussion also focused around departments such as shop maintenance.  Additionally,  vehicular traffic on the property was considered to provide smooth flow and to mitigate problems arising when a semi has to make a wide turn in a tight radius.  The red arrows represent a traffic flow through the site that allows delivery vehicles to make their appointments and also for large trucks to be able to exit from the opposite end of the site they enter.







sketching the townhouse


Napkin #2 represents a quick layout of a townhome where the owner wants to add a walk-in shower to an existing powder room.  By relocating a couple of doors and changing the location of the return air vent an odd closet next to the powder room can become a new shower even meeting the current standards for universal design.








sketching the weekend retreat


Napkin #3 represents a conceptual plan for a new custom home design.  The potential owner spoke of wanting a home with the living/dining/kitchen areas as the central focus and all other areas including sleeping rooms to be on the periphery.  The sketch represents a first glance at the desired spaces and their locations.  Since napkins are meant as a means of fleshing out the basic idea they are a good way to record ideas.  Additional ideas may be recorded in the same way before finally going to a hard drawing with correctly scaled rooms.












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