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Each design project has a hidden solution waiting to be uncovered.  By gathering all the available information and assimilating it into a list of priorities the designer can begin to develop that solution.

Our design process for each project begins with the needs and desires of the client recorded into what’s called a building program.  By actively engaging the client in discussions about their needs, desires, expectations and dreams, and by exploring the site, many times the solution begins to present itself.

One of the things we’ll ask you to do is write down in a few paragraphs what you envision seeing or experiencing as you occupy the finished project.  By giving descriptions of what you imagine for the space you are beginning the process of design before any lines are drawn on paper.

By using this method of client/designer interaction, communication between the architect and owner takes on a more relaxed teamwork feel allowing both sides to share ideas openly and with a greater understanding any decisions may have on the project outcome.

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