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Better Homes and Garden Realty

As a commercial real estate firm, the owner of this project wanted to relocate their firm to an up-and-coming community.  While the property had been unused for decades the structure was sound and provided a lot of possibilities on the interior for creating a welcoming environment.  As a bonus, the city had plans to enhance the pedestrian experience by including the sidewalk into their 13-mile-long Tennessee Riverwalk greenway linking multiple communities with the natural beauty of the local mountains and river front.   The brick veneer was stripped of old stone pasted to the exterior, cleaned and the whitewashed.  Window openings were reclaimed in the exterior walls where brick had infilled them and an exterior canopy was removed down to the support frame and recovered to shield the north and west ground floor facades.  From the outset, this project as a business location held great promise and with a little extra care and attention to details, the resulting project displays the wisdom of reusing existing stock buildings rather than tearing down and starting from scratch.